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The Pixel Artist Webring and Directory

A directory inspired by the exploratory spirit of NetScape.

Page last updated: February 7, 2024

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PixScape is a webring and directory for pixel artists all around the world.

What does an albatross and a web directory have in common?

Like albatross who fly across oceans and circle the globe, a web directory lets us digitally travel across vast distances to explore the World Wide Web and meet others from continents apart.

About the design

The PixScape design uses some conventions from around 1994 when NetScape launched:

Less-conscious but identifiable influences include the Apple Icons and Windows 3.1x icons.

Why is there a webring and a static directory?

PixScape aims to join people together from across the world from different parts of the web.

The bare minimum you need is a gallery of your pixel art.

Those hosting their own websites will get the added benefit of being in a dynamic Webring Directory.

The Static Directory is for those who have mature content on their site or who only have a social media or portfolio page to host their content. If you want to join the directory and don't have your own website, the Static Directory is for you!

The goal is for anybody to be able to access and benefit from PixScape.

Banners and Buttons

Webring Directory members get access to a functional webring widget that looks like the Webring Banner. It will be displayed on their website.

Static Directory members get access to the Directory Banner. They can share it on their website, if they have one.

If you're not a member and you want to link back here, you can use the Small Banner.

Webring Banner
Directory Banner
Small Banner

What is a Webring?

A webring is a directory that connects members together in a circle.

To join the Webring Directory, you will need the ability to host the Javascript webring widget which is based on the open-source onionring.js code hosted by Garlic Garden.

This is what the webring widget is like in practice:

Webring Widget

The widget has forward and back buttons to link members in the Webring Directory, along with a randomise button.

Remember, if you can't host the widget, you can still join the Static Directory! The Static Directory is the same as a web directory where the goal is to list members.

It's named Static to distinguish it from the dynamic webring directory.

Explore PixScape

To read the membership criteria see How to Join.

To view the directory members see the Webring Directory or the Static Directory.

Any questions can be sent to the admin's email

Keep Updated

To keep up to date with new member additions, you can follow PixScape's Neocities Profile or the RSS Feed.